End-user empowerment

Via Smart mobile technologies

<div class="slidertitle"><h1>End-user empowerment</h1><h5>Via Smart mobile technologies</h5></div>

What you need toknow about yourcompany or organization id

  • Your company or organization/institution ID is not protected, secure, or reliable.
  • It can easily be faked or duplicated at any Business Centre or with any ID editing software.
  • Anyone can easily claim to be a member of your organization or employee of your company by faking your company ID.
  • When any of your employees has been sacked or terminated, he/she can still claim to be the employee of your company with your company ID or faked ID.


  • Provide your members or employees with IDs that can be verified by anyone, anytime, and anywhere.

How it Works

  • Issue your members or employees the iVerify Mobile ID (IMI).
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Our Mobile Apps

iVerify Mobile ID
(Used to perform mobile verification of supported organization, company, and institution IDs)

Amaka QRC Scanner
(Scans, displays, and opens any QR Code)

My Mobile ID Wallet
(Used to store and manage your Mobile IDs)

(Messaging/Chatting, Social Connection, Conversation, Events, and Mobile ID)

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